The category that includes "Affiliated" camps is comprised of those events that take place at Camp de Benneville, but are entirely planned  and conducted by groups other than de Benneville or PSWD District staff.  These external groups take care of all event aspects of camp programming and administration, including registration and fee collection.  Camp de Benneville "only" provides the beautiful and unique venue, including lodging and meal service; as well as our director's consulting expertise in running suucessful camp programs for more than twenty years. For this reason, campers interested in the camps in this category are best served by following the links, below, to the websites or registration forms of the various organizations providing Affiliated camps. Upcoming Affiliated camps are listed below in chronological order.

Event Information:

  • After the Lake Fire - Back in Business!

    Vertical water dropAfter perhaps the most harrowing four weeks in Camp de Benneville Pines history, during and after the "Lake Fire", the Camp was able to welcome campers again the weekend of July 11th. The PSWD Junior High campers and staff arrived on schedule, with one minor glitch due a second fire in the area that closed route 38 again for a brief period on Sunday. With any luck, the rest of our summer will proceed as originally scheduled.

    You may also be interested to know that John Rabe, host for public radio station KPCC's "Off- Ramp" visited Camp on the 7th of July. You can listen to his complete interview with our director, Janet James by clicking the link, above. You can also listen to the prior telephone interview with Janet, and follow any further developments, or schedule changes by visiting our Facebook Page.