There are many ways to support Camp de Benneville Pines:

Credit Card - Add Camp de Benneville Pines as a vendor on your credit card to make monthly donations. It is easy and quick. We especially welcome monthly gifts from $50 to $1000 or more via bank draft or credit card.

Bank Draft - A monthly bank draft is easy and safe. Please call the camp office (909) 794-2928 for de Benneville’s bank routing and account number.

Securities or Stock - Donate tax deductible appreciated stocks or mutual funds! Contact Jerry Moore: at (310) 837-6945 or

IRA Required Minimum Distributions – Check into a gift directly from your IRA. If you are over 701/2, ask your broker or bank where your IRA is held about how to make this type of transfer.

Write a Check - Make payable to Camp de Benneville Pines (memo “2016 ABD”) and mail to 41750 Jenks Lake Road West, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305