We look forward to your stay at de Benneville Pines. The following information will help to make your stay a more comfortable and pleasant one.

DIRECTIONS to the camp: Exit 1-10 in Redlands at the Orange Street/Highway 38 exit. Take Highway 38 up the mountain. About 5 or 6 miles past Angelus Oaks, look for mileage marker 25.28, a turnout with a row of green mailboxes on the left, and a turnout on the right. Immediately after that, turn right on Jenks Lake Road. Go about one mile and turn right on the de Benneville Pines camp road. Park in the parking lot and proceed on foot to the lodge to check in. You will receive your name tag, and directions to your room.

IMPORTANT: Between November and April BRING TIRE CHAINS THAT FIT YOUR CAR! In the event of snow, the Forest Service will not allow you on the road without them. There is always a possibility of snow at this time of year. The camp store does NOT stock chains.

Winter weather may bring snow please click here for current Road Conditions. Enter 38 for your search highway.

CAMPER SAFETY: The safety of our campers and our camp community are our highest priorities. We background check all our youth camp staff, volunteer and paid. For those who what to know more about our child protection guidelines, a copy of our safety and protection policies can be found by clicking this link.

CHECK-IN: In the lodge there will usually be someone to assist you. You may also find staff in the office or the Managers Cabin.

MEALS - Most meals are served buffet style. If you are not in a program with meals, and in Cabin #6 or Craig's cabin, you will be able to fix your own meals. Coffee, teas, and hot chocolate are available at all times in the lodge. There is also a soft drink machine in the lodge.

CAMP STORE: Will be open for about 15 minutes after each lunch and dinner (listen for the chimes), and carries T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sundries.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are not provided. Please refrain from use non-prescription drugs during the weekend.

SMOKING is permitted on the lodge porch, and on the cabin porches and the cemented areas.

PLEASE, NO SMOKING on the trails, in the woods, Inside any buildings, or during workshops. Use receptacles on the cabin porches for ashes, etc. Please do not flick ashes over the railings, or onto the pine-needle-covered ground!

A fire extinguisher is located in each cabin. Under each cabin porch is a fire hose. If you hear the fire alarm, get your keys and gather outside the lodge for further instructions. If the lodge is on fire, go to your car and carefully drive down the hill.

Park your car in the parking lot, facing out. You may drive up to the cabins to load and unload your things, but please do not leave your car there! (Special parking provisions can be made for handicapped persons. Please inquire when you check in.) It is a good idea to keep your car keys with you.

WILDERNESS AREA: deBenneville Pines is surrounded by an official US National Forest wilderness area. Forest Service hiking permits are REQUIRED for hiking in these areas, and are available at the Mill Creek Ranger station on Route 38 on the way up the hill. If you plan to hike other than on an officially led hike (for which we will provide the permits), please sign out before you leave the camp and back in when you return.

ALTITUDE: The camp is located at an altitude of 6,800 feet. This means that: 1) You may get tired or winded more quickly than at sea level. 2) You may sunburn more quickly or severely. 3) You may feel the effects of alcohol more intensely. Be sure to drink plenty of water to reduce dehydration caused by high altitude.

SHOWERS: Each shower head is equipped with a water-saver shut-off button. Once you get the water to the right temperature and get wet, push the button to stop the water while you soap up. When you push the button In the other direction, the water will come back on at about the same temperature. If you turn or, the shower and no water comes out, check that button -- someone before you may have left it pushed in.

Our sewer system cannot handle the kinds of things that a big city system can. So PLEASE, do not put paper towels, or other inappropriate waste in the toilet!

CONSIDERATION OF OTHERS: Please remember that you are sharing a cabin and a bathroom with a number of other people. Therefore, please:

  • Be quiet in the cabin after 10 PM and before 7 AM.
  • Don't turn on the bright overhead light if someone is sleeping in the room.
  • Limit your pre-breakfast stay in the bathroom to 7 minutes or less. Try to schedule your showers for a less busy time of day.
  • When you do shower, remember that our hot water tanks are relatively small. Please save some hot water for those who are waiting to follow you.

You may wish to make a gratuities donation for the camp staff, as this is not included in your camp fee. There will be a box available In the lodge throughout the weekend for this purpose. Gratuities are distributed among the kitchen, maintenance, lodge, and office staff.

CHECKOUT time is 3PM Sunday afternoon. Before you leave, please: 1) Check your room and other areas for all your personal belongings, 2) Empty the trash cans into the large cans on the cabin porch, 3) Sweep out the cabin and leave it as clean as you found it.
Our one housekeeping person especially thanks you for helping by doing these things.

Depending on the time of year, here are some things you'll want to remember to bring (in addition to the TIRE CHAINS mentioned above):

Sleeping bag or blankets and sheets, pillow, towel, wash cloth, soap, and other personal Items. Clothing for winter weather. (Warm jacket, boots, gloves, hat, etc. - layers work best.) Flashlight, sunscreen, large towel for use at the hot tub, and perhaps hiking shoes, wine, musical instrument, drum, bathing suit, ear plugs, coffee mug. MEDICATIONS - If you know that you may need emergency medication (allergy medicine, heart medicine, etc.), PLEASE bring it with you!

Please do NOT bring:

Radios, tape players, illegal substances, firearms, fireworks, pets (guide dogs O.K.), or any peace-disturbing things.