Singing in the Pines – Love Out Loud

Saturday, August 8 – Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Dean: Scott Roewe
Choir Director: Donald Milton III

It is with great heartache that I write to let you know that we are canceling Choir Camp for summer 2020. Although some folks expressed a willingness to come to camp at “any cost”, many others expressed trepidation over a camp experience where they would be wearing masks and social distancing. And for folks with compromised immune systems, getting together with or without masks is a risk, especially for singing in a group.

There is no way to articulate my deep sadness at not being able to gather together this summer. And here it is my 25th year at camp, and I find myself not able to share that milestone with you. I was so looking forward to another wonderful concert on our closing night at camp. As far as summer goes, the entire lineup of summer camps has canceled due to the “unknowns” of COVID-19, and that includes all youth and adult camps. As of today, the County of San Bernardino Health Department has not issued permits to open camps for the summer, so most camps in Barton Flats have canceled their summer camping season. So, here we all sit–vacant.

Naturally, not having an income stream is extremely devastating to de Benneville’s bottom line. We have an emergency contingency fund with enough money in it to get us thru another 3 1/2 months. We were awarded a PPP grant and will use that to cover payroll for the next two months. And our board of directors is gearing up for a major fundraising push.

Camp’s fixed costs and reduced payroll are running about $50,000 a month right now. We have employees working on painting the inside of cabin rooms, installing LED light fixtures, and resurfacing the spa deck. These projects have been on the “to do” list for several years, and with no campers in camp this summer, now is the perfect time to get the work done!

If you would like to redirect all or a portion of your camper fees to Unrestricted Donations, your gift will be deeply appreciated. All donations will go to support camp operations while we are closed.

A chance for good news! Scott Roewe, choir camp director, is trying to create a Virtual Choir Camp program to take place online during our customary camp dates. We will get you the information if we are able to pull the program together. As you can imagine, there are many parts needed to run a virtual choir program, but he said he is going to try and make it happen! Go Scott! We will keep you informed as plans shape up.

We are sorry to announce that there will be no virtual Choir Camp 2020.
Please join us for Virtual Adult Summer Break Camp during the same scheduled time period. Also, try out Yoga and Art Virtual Camps.

Until we are together on the mountain top once again, I send you my best regards and love.  Please stay safe and be well.

Janet James

For general information, contact Janet James, Executive Director, or call (909) 435-6298.

For information on registration, contact Laura Chamberlin, Registrar, or call (909) 794-2928.