Camp Connect Workshop

“UU Principles 
How do they go beyond an ideal?”
Facilitator: Amy Brunell

When Unitarians and Universalists came together in 1961, they adopted six
principles — really our values — for which Unitarian Universalism strives to live
by. In the 1970’s, women UU’s started a movement to change the more sexist
language of the principles. In 1984, the language of the original six principles
was reworked, and a seventh principle added, all of which were almost
unanimously agreed upon.

Now we’re considering an eighth principle, which will work to build a diverse
multicultural Beloved Community and strive to dismantle racism and other

How do our principles play a part in congregational life?
How can these principles play a part in camp life?
How can we use our principles as a guide to settle disagreements and upsets?
Can the principles help us to be more compassionate when we don’t agree?
Can the principles be a sort-of-guide in how we carry ourselves with fellow

Starting Sunday, March 6th, at 5:00 pm for four (4) weeks, we will dive into
two principles per workshop session. Workshops will be presented via Zoom and
facilitated by Amy Brunell, one of our Camp Deans and a Professional Facilitator
in navigating stimulating discussions.
Attend one session, some, or all! We’ve focus on two principles each week, in
sequential order. These workshops will be held at 5 pm on four consecutive

March 6th
March 13th
March 20th
Marth 27th


If you have any questions regarding the content of this workshop, please
contact Amy Brunell at Direct questions regarding
registration to Laura Chamberlin at
We look forward to seeing you at Camp Connect, your camp away from Camp.

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