Spring Volunteer Work Weekend

Friday, April 1 to Sunday, April 3, 2022

This camp is SOLD OUT! All new registrations will be placed on our Waiting List.


Camp needs able bodies and helping hands to get camp ready to reopen!  We need about 30 volunteers to help with annual fire clearance efforts, setting up the outdoor amphitheater, cleaning outside light fixtures, splitting firewood, staining the staff house and tent platforms.

If you are in the mood to straighten up Camp to make it perfect for the return of the spring/summer camping season, then please come join us. We will be polishing up the lodge, wiping down cabins and light fixtures, and shaking out the cobwebs.

Come dust off the bookshelves and chase the spiders away!

We have room for 30 energetic, generous, and fully vaccinated individuals, age 11 and older, who are willing to spend a little “sweat equity” at Camp. We promise you delicious food, comfortable accommodations, and great camaraderie. You’ll leave knowing your efforts are appreciated by the staff and will ensure that future campers have a safe and wonder experience at Camp.

Due to Covid protocols, we won’t be able to hold early bird check-in Thursday.  Please check in on Friday between 10 am and 5 pm.

Proof of vaccination will be required prior to arrival at Camp. Additionally, masking is required for all indoor activities except for while a camper is sitting down to eat or drink.

Click here to read more about Camp’s current COVID policies.

This camp is SOLD OUT! All new registrations will be placed on our Waiting List.