2021/2022 UU Senior High Winter Camp

has been cancelled!

September 18, 2021

It is with heavy hearts that the Camping Ministries Team and Camp Management announces their decision to cancel Senior High Winter Camp 21/22.  It was an extremely difficult decision to make but the number of variables that could cause us to ultimately cancel this camp closer to the camp date are just too great. 

We recognize that many families make holiday plans around senior high camp dates, and felt it was important to inform people early of the decision not to hold winter camp.  Registration generally opens on October 1st for this very important and popular senior high tradition, and many folks have been inquiring.

We considered camper health and safety issues, winter weather issues, the ongoing issues from the El Dorado fire, camper COVID safety policies which limit attendance to about 50 campers, and a lack of a full complement of adult volunteer staff to oversee the event.  All these factors were reviewed and discussed leading to a consensus that to proceed with planning this camp would not be prudent.

The Planning Committee is switching their focus to working on alternate ways to be together, potential local meet ups in addition to virtual camp connections. We are especially concerned for those seniors who will miss out on their final youth camp. We can not express how sorry and sad we are for this lost opportunity. They have missed out on so much these last 18 months.  If possible, we will plan additional in-person camp opportunities for Sr High campers in the warmer months of 2022.  And we are already busy making plans to host our traditional in-person Senior High Summer Camp in 2022!

We are all missing camp and being together. We have grown weary of the ongoing effects of this pandemic. With hope in our hearts, let’s envision a day in the near future when we can all safely be together in our spiritual home on the mountain top.

On behalf of Camp de Benneville Pines,

Marianne Swift-Gifford, Camping Ministries Director 

Janet James, Executive Director