Camp de Benneville Pines is an ideal place for families to spend quality time together and renew their bonds with one another. In the midst of the natural beauty of the wilderness, and free from the distractions of constant electronic noise, people of all ages rediscover the joy of personal interaction with one another. Then too, the Camp is a place where children can run free in a safe environment and learn about the deep connection that exists between humanity and the natural world. At Camp de Benneville Pines we offer several Family Camp opportunities during the year. These Include:

  • UU Summer Family Camp
  • UU Elementary/Family Winter Camp
  • Thanksgiving Family Celebration
  • Homeschool Family Camp
  • Rainbow Family Camp
  • Camp Transcend
  • Spring Work Camp (Children 11 and older welcome)
  • Fall Work Camp (Children 11 and older welcome)
  • Various weekend church family retreats

Details about upcoming camps that are open for registration can be found by clicking on the above links or via the Main Menu.