Camp de Benneville Pines presents a number of camps throughout the year for children and teens between grades K and 12.  Seven of these camps are planned and supervised by our Camping Ministries Director and several others by Camp Bravo, an independent organization providing theater arts training for young people between 10 and 18 years of age. The camps offered include:

Welcome to the 2024 Summer Youth Camp Season!



UU Elementary Camp
Camp Sensational YouUU!

 June 30 – July 6, 2024

When you think about summer camp what comes to mind?

Is it seeing friends you have waited a year to see? Is it the smell of pine trees?  Is it the taste of s’mores while singing your favorite camp songs?

Let’s come together so we can experience all of these sensations up the mountain at our beloved Camp de Benneville Pines.

Elementary campers are invited to spend the week exploring all the ways we can connect with our camp community using our senses. As a bonus we get to experience an exciting new way to celebrate 4th of July at camp!

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Counselor-in-Training Program
June 30 – July 6, 2024

Do you want to give an amazing experience to the next generation of campers?

Ready for a summer of hard work and serious responsibility, mixed with outrageous fun and friendship? Train to be a cabin counselor with the CIT program! Delve into a week of intensive learning as you discover the behind-the-scenes side of camp!

We’ll explore leadership styles and conflict management, build skills for working with children, practice handling emergency situations, learn how to lead age-appropriate workshops and games and so much more.

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UU Junior High Camp
Mountain Mosaic

Fun, Harmony, & Art of UUnity
July 7-13, 2024

With this year’s theme in mind, “Mountain Mosaic: Fun, Harmony, and the Art of Unity,” all campers who recently completed 6th-8th grades are invited to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Southern California mountains. Amidst the majestic pines, campers will revel in the pure joy of being a kid, making new friends, and creating lifelong memories through a vibrant tapestry of activities that celebrate diversity and promote  unity.

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UU Senior High Camp

Camp Time of OUUr Lives
July 14-20, 2024

Our rent was late about a week ago…but it’s not too late to come to Camp Time of OUUr Lives! Ms. Worldwide and Ms. 305 invite you to have the time of YoUUr life at Camp de Benneville Pines!

All youth who are completing 9th -12th grades this school year are invited to come enjoy a week of community, celebration, and fun! During the week, campers will enjoy hikes, night crossing, time by the lake, karaoke, workshops, community building, and more. There will also be the chance to team up with friends and compete in the campwide Summer Olympics!

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UU Young Adult Camp

 August 30 – September 2, 2024

 Come join us for a fun and relaxing 3-day weekend up in the beautiful San Bernardino National Forest at Camp de Benneville Pines! Young Adult Camp is an annual summer retreat for 18 to 35 year-old Unitarian Universalists and people of all faiths.

Meet new friends, reconnect with old friends, learn alongside social justice volunteers all while dancing your heart out and laughing out loud. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountain views, starry night skies, and a welcoming community, you will find your space and your place in this magical mountain top retreat center.

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Affiliate Camp

 Camp Bravo
Theatre Arts Camp
June 23 – 29, 2024

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