Camp de Benneville Pines is an independent 501(c)(3) organization with a 9-member Board of Directors.  Members of the Board are elected for staggered 3-year terms, and may serve for up to three consecutive full terms.  Current Board members include the following:


President – Dale Botts

UU Congregation of Fullerton. Bio to come.

Chris Faller

Board member Chris Faller and his family have been active members of the Unitarian Fellowship of San Dieguito for about 25 years. For the past several years, Chris has served as the Fellowship coordinator/registrar for the annual April weekend at Camp. He also has served as Fellowship treasurer. Chris is a retired Senior Vice President of Operations for a medical device company and orchestrated mergers and advanced technical operations at a number of US and overseas company sites. His skills, including development and execution of projects with multi-million-dollar budgets are important to Camp as we move forward.

Nancy Fisk

Nancy Fist is a life-long UU, who started coming to de Benneville in 1972, when she was a teenager. In 1994, she volunteered to work as an adult youth adviser at First Church.She then attended youth camps as an adult staff member in the 1990’s, and then again from 2009 to the present. She enjoys working with a staff of youth and adults who create a safe and fun atmosphere that allows the youth at Camp to grow as Unitarian Universalists.

Since 1982, she has been a member of First UU Church in San Diego. In that time, she has sung in the choir, worked on pledge drive committees, served on the Board of Directors, ans was President of the church from 2006-2007. During her term as President, the church transitioned to policy governance, a form of governance that empowered staff and lay leaders to become more effective decision makers.

She met her husband, Tony Brumfield, at First Church. He works often with the anti-racism/anti-oppression groups within First church and within the denomination.

Nancy is a high school English teach with the Grossmont Unified High School District.

Betsy Gilpin

Betsy Gilpin has served on the Board of Directors for Camp de Benneville Pines for nearly 6 years. She has been an active and enthusiastic camper since 1986. Family Camp with her children was special; every time they are all together, they reminisce about those magical days. After the kids flegded, Betsy attended many of the adult-oriented camps at de Benneville. She is very involved with getting her congregation (UU Fellowship of San Dieguito) up to camp for a weekend each April, and as a Champ Champ promotes all the camps to the membership. Also, she became very involved with the summer and winter Art Camps and heads a task force that maintains the art work on site.

Before her retirement in 2006, she was a professor of biostatistics at the UCSD Medical Center. She has held many leadership positions at her home congregation, including chairing several committees, being on the Ministerial Search Committee, and serving as Board president twice. Besides continuing to volunteer at UUFSD, she works a couple of days a week at the food pantry of the Encinitas Resource Center, serves as publicity chair for her community orchestra where she has played violin for just about as long as she has attended Camp, and manages to do a little art (as time permits).

Donna Herman

UU Congregation of Long Beach. Bio to come.

Martha Kazlo

Martha was introduced to the UUs at the first Rainbow Family Camp and joined the UU Church of Riverside in 2001; she was looking for a welcoming congregation and was especially interested in environmental issues and participating in the Green Sanctuary program.  At her home congregation, she has served as chair of the board of trustees and has been a member of the committee on shared ministry, the caring network and the intern committee.  She has enjoyed running several annual service auctions. Martha has presented programs at the Pacific Southwest District Assembly and at the women’s retreats at de Benneville Pines.  She served a 2-year term as the secretary of the board of trustees of the Pacific Southwest District.

Before retirement, Martha was a psychologist and served as director of a university counseling center and student health center.  She loves to travel and take courses in the Osher Learning program at UC Riverside.

Louise Klatt

Louise Klatt, lives in Palmdale, CA with her husband, daughter and 2 cats, and has been coming to Camp de Benneville Pines since 1998. She has helped coordinate the LA/Valley cluster churches Fall weekend since 2003, and often attends the Thanksgiving weekend camp and annual Women’s Retreat. Both she and her husband, Eric, love participating in camps and volunteering for the work weekends, which Louise refers to as “labors of love” and investing “sweat equity”. She is a member of the Unitarian Universalist of Santa Clarita Congregation and also the Church of the Larger Fellowship (the online UU congregation without walls).

She is a volunteer teacher in her congregation’s religious exploration program because she believes the children are our future. She and her husband are longtime Unitarian Universalists and both have served in leadership positions over the years.

Professionally, she is a dental assistant, currently working part-time as a surgical assistant for a periodontist.

Her hobbies include hiking and bike riding with friends. And she loves being out in nature.

Randy McDaniel

Randy McDaniel has enjoyed Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fullerton’s annual family camp at de Benneville Pines since 2001 and has attended many work weekends over the years. Service is an important part of who he is.

Randy is currently serving as the City of Riverside’s Park Project Manager/Principal Park Planner with over 20 years of experience in Park design, planning and improvement, is a licensed Landscape Architect, as well as, a Marine Corps veteran.

He has raised two girls and a boy with his wife, Karen, and loves to set out on day hikes whenever he gets a chance. He joined the board in 2015. Over the past year, he has worked with staff and the board to develop a Master Plan for future improvements and fundraising efforts to address the inadequate staff housing and other programming needs.

In addition, he works to preserve and protect the City’s recreational resources by providing land planning services including overseeing the review and conditioning of all private land development projects that impact on our 2927 acres of park land. Planning services also include plan check review and policy management for park development compliance to the Riverside Municipal Code, General Plan, Park Master Plan and park development standards.

Paul Wallace

Paul Wallace was originally from North Carolina, lived in south Florida, then Michigan before settling in California in 1979. He lives in Altadena, Ca (since 2001) with wife, Judy, and one dog at the present. Paul and Judy joined Neighborhood Church (NUUC) since 2003 and became Winter Camp Committee members circa 2006. Paul served as the Chair of the Neighborhood Church Winter Camp Committee since 2012 and NUUC winter camp bartender since 2007. Pail is a civil/environmental engineer and has enjoyed working on the Camp de Benneville Pines site Master Plan.