The Camp de Benneville Pines Board of Directors (BOD) learned that the State of California will lift the Emergency status for the Covid-19 epidemic at the end of February 2023.  Therefore, Camp de Benneville Pines has reviewed its Covid-19 protocols, including its mandatory vaccination policy to attend camp.

The BOD understand that vaccinations offer the best protection against both personally catching Covid-19, and against spreading Covid-19 to others.  To benefit our common health, the BOD strongly encourages all campers and volunteers participating in camp programs to be fully vaccinated against Covid, including with the new bivalent booster, as well as being vaccinated against the flu.

On January 31, 2023, the BOD, at a special meeting, voted to revise the Camp’s Covid Policies in the following ways:

  1. The Board of Directors encourages all campers, volunteers, and staff to be fully vaccinated, including with bivalent booster.
  2. Covid-19 vaccinations may no longer be a requirement for attending camp, however, the Camp Coordinator/Dean for each Retreat will have the option of requiring proof of Covid-19 vaccinations for their individual camp.
  3. All campers/volunteers in attendance at any camp must Rapid test for Covid-19 within 24 hours of arrival to camp and prove a negative test result upon check-in at Camp. Campers arriving without proof of a negative test will be given a Rapid test before getting a cabin assignment or assimilating into the camp group. A person with a positive Covid-19 test must leave Camp immediately. Registration fees will be refunded for those campers who test positive and need to cancel their participation in Camp. Campers who leave part-way-thru a camp will receive a prorated return of fees.
  4. The wearing of masks at Camp is optional and is a personal choice.


The Plexi-glass partition between Campers and Kitchen Staff will remain in place, and food service procedures will continue to meet the high standards of San Bernardino County. Hand sanitizer will be available in the dining hall.

For further clarification, please contact Janet James, Executive Director at

This policy continues to evolve as Covid-19 conditions change.