Upcoming Events at de Benneville Pines

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If you are interested in booking a camp, please call our Camp Executive Director, Janet James, on (909) 794-2928 to discuss your requirements. In addition to the available days shown on this calendar, we have many mid-week time slots available throughout the calendar year.

Event Information:

  • Fire on the Mountain!

    Lake Fire Starts Near Camp Water Tank!

    picture of fire by watertank

    Fire Burning Near Old Boy Scout Tank

    The "Lake Fire" that has so far consumed over 25,000 acres of the San Bernardino National Forest began close to our Camp's southern border. Our Camp is (as of Friday, June 26th), undamaged by the fire. However, we have suffered financial loses due to the closure of Route 38 and Jenks Lake Road, and the evacuation of all campers in the area. A skeleton crew, including our director Janet James remains on site.

    picture of helocopter pouring water on flames

    Trying to Contain the Fire's Spread

    As of 6/25/2015, PSWD elementary summer camp is still scheduled to begin July 5 at the camp. Follow our Facebook Page for updates for status on the fire, and any additional impact on our camp schedule for the summer.

    You may also be interested in a radio station KPCC Interview with Janet James regarding the Lake Fire and our Camp.


Call: (909) 794-2928   Email: director@uucamp.org