Upcoming Events at de Benneville Pines

Many of the events listed below contain links to additional information. Click on the appropriate button to view associated ads or to register for the event.

If you are interested in booking a camp, please call our Camp Executive Director, Janet James, on (909) 794-2928 to discuss your requirements. In addition to the available days shown on this calendar, we have many mid-week time slots available throughout the calendar year.

Event Information:

  • Adult Camps

    There are many opportunities for adults to participate in camping experiences at de Benneville Pines throughout the year.There are camps with programming designed specifically for adults such as:

    • UU Men's Fellowship Spring Renewal
    • UU Women's Spring Retreat
    • Summer Camp for Adults
    • Choir Camp: Singing in the Pines
    • Art Groove: Summer Art Camp Program
    • Yoga Camp
    • Folk Music Camp: Music in the Mountains


    There are also camps where adults can participate as part of an inter-generational group, such as:

    • PSWD Summer Elementary Camp
    • PSWD Winter Elementary/Family Camp
    • Thanksgiving Family Celebration
    • Rainbow Family Camp
    • Spring Work Weekend
    • Fall Work Weekend
    • Various weekend church family retreats


    Details about upcoming camps that are open for registration can be found by clicking on the above links or via the Main Menu.

    If your church sponsors a de Benneville camp weekend, registration is handled by a designated person within your congregation, so please contact that person for details.


Call: (909) 794-2928   Email: director@uucamp.org